“To communicate with method and passion”
We start from ideas to create a process flow of communication: information is turned into news sharing.
And in the current arena, channels and tools are changing.
New technologies change the face of communication and help boost the brand reputation.
Digital communication is integrated into the strategy of all our projects: traditional PR and digital PR work together hand in hand.

Our model
Creativity \ our ideas shared with yours
Awareness \ our skills at your service
Fact-based \ a communication plan tailored to results
Control \ results according to the objectives

  Patrizia De Santo PR

The communications practice is based in Milan, Italy and enjoys a unique multi-industrial experience across different areas of business communication, including: Italian and international press office, events management and public relations, publishing and web activities.
Patrizia De Santo PR relies on the collaboration of specialized partners for specific projects.

In 2011, Patrizia De Santo starts her own business, after working for fourteen years with many Milan-based communications agencies as public relations account manager for key Italian and international brands.
With a scientific educational background and a degree in Public Relations from IULM University of Milan, she is a freelance journalist since 2006.