creative lab

Creativity is in the team, you can’t do without it

Creativity is at the foundation of every marketing and communication action of our agency

We are creative when we nail down a strategy of brand identity or brand journalism, of advertising or when we plan an event. We are creative when we write a text for a press release; when we write a corporate, a promotional or a social text. We are creative when we write on the social media, when we develop a website, when we film a video or when we take photographs and we create illustrations.

Why? Creativity is the signature of the brand, its symbol, what identifies a relation. We are creative as a team because everyone makes his contribution to the project with a vision. Graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, video makers, belong to our team.

Plan a creative service with Patrizia De Santo PR:

  • advertising
  • brand & visual identity
  • video marketing
  • photography, creative photos, illustrations
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