Public relations today: the bond with tradition in a shifting scenario

Public relations are the central point of our strategy

Our idea of an agency is based on the pure concept of communication and its various aspects: building, bonding, sharing, involving and then making well-known.

Starting off from ideas we then create contents which activate the communication process: thus all clients’ information become shared news and stories to tell.

But the tools and the methods have changed: new technologies streamline communication and accelerate contents thus contributing to build and boost the reputation and the value of a brand.

But who or what is a brand for us?

A company, an association, a professional, an artist, a professional firm, a hotel or a working team, or even a single individual. We have grounded experience in different communication areas: Italian and foreign press office, public relations and events, advertising, social media, creativity, publishing and web. Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors because we like to enhance good synergies, in addition to experiment.

We are specialized in what we love more. We communicate design and décor, architecture, the construction industry, sustainability, art, and everything that for us stands for lifestyle: luxury, food, well-being, tourism, entertainment; and recently non-profit, an interest that has turned into a commitment.

We support both Italian and foreign companies, world famous or emerging brands, start-up businesses, institutions and associations, designers and professionals; we manage fixed-term projects and ongoing plans.

Ask for a quote and start your marketing and communication strategy:

  • analysis, consultancy and strategy in communication and PR
  • consultancy in media relations and digital PR
  • consultancy in brand marketing and corporate identity
  • consultancy for the development of a digital plan
  • consultancy for the creation of special projects
  • consultancy for a media advertising plan both on/offline
  • fundraising for non-profit and cultural projects
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