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Patrizia De Santo PR agency encompasses communication, press office, creativity and digital

Our agency is agile, creative and communicates with method and passion

We like to define our agency as agile and as a creative laboratory. Our communication projects are tailor-made. We create synergies and connections in order to produce contents and communication campaigns, media relations and social media; all these having an impact and achieving results with a double goal: to make a client well-known and to boost its brand reputation and identity; and we provide all these services to companies, professionals , associations, offices or organizations.

If I imagine, I can see – this is what Fernando Pessoa used to write when he thought about travelling. For us communicating is travelling and during the analysis process we use our imagination a lot, then, with method we put together a project team and an action plan. All through the development of contents up to the delivery (“the destination”) we are moved by passion for a work made of images, words and music. And we love it a lot.


The sectors: four main synergic theme areas

The sectors where we operate with expertise in the development of creative projects, of communication and of press office can be divided into four macro areas which correspond to the four main themes of design, lifestyle, culture and sustainability; every theme then includes specialized micro areas:

  1. design, décor, architecture, construction industry, real estate
  2. lifestyle, luxury, well-being, hospitality, food
  3. culture, art, entertainment, leisure
  4. sostenibilità, environment and social issues


Our services: six main areas for the new public relations

We provide a wide range of services that are divided into six macro areas:

  1. public relations, consultancy, strategy and development
  2. press office, on/offline, national, international
  3. digital & social, digital pr, social media management, social media strategy
  4. copy & content, storytelling, branded content, brand journalism, SEO copywriting
  5. events, consumer, corporate, digital
  6. creativity, advertising, brand identity


Clients and projects: some references for four macro sectors

  • design, décor, architecture, construction industry: ADI Imprese (ADI Association for the Industrial Design), AiCARR Associazione, Arketipo Firenze, Baleri Italia, Cattelan Italia, Delisart Design Excellence, Domitalia, Ecolibera, Finlibera, MilanoStanze.it, Miriam Mirri designer, Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners, Poplab, Purho, Luca Roccadadria design, Rockfon (Gruppo Rockwool Italia), Rozzoni Mobili, Skitsch, Vittorio Grassi Architect & Partners (VGA and Partners), Westway Architects
  • lifestyle, luxury, well-being, hospitality, food: Aperitivo900, Diana110 (Sheraton Diana Majestic Milano), Des Iles SPA Centro Benessere Stresa, Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées & SPA, Natural Boom, Samanta Cornaviera blogger
  • culture, art, entertainment, leisure: Ad Artem, Brerart Milano, Domus Voices at the Milan Conservatory of Music (Editoriale Domus), F@MU – National Day for Families at the Museum, Summer Jamboree Festival, exhibition “Rock’n’Roll is a state of the Soul”
  • sustainability, environment and social issues: AiCARR Associazione, Ecolibera, Il Mare un sorriso per tutti – OSO Ogni Sport Oltre (Fondazione Vodafone Italia), Love Design (Airc), Subacquea Zero Barriere (HSA Italia), Vanaprastha International Onlus



I love the sea and the light of the Mediterranean region. I work with words and images: after an in-depth analysis I pinpoint a strategy to make a brand well-known or to boost its reputation, and I tell a story, the soul, the form and the relations. I handle brand management, communication, press office in Italy and abroad, I create events and digital projects. At first I worked in several agencies in Milan and today I am the owner of Patrizia De Santo PR working together with a team of collaborators and professionals specialized for every single project.

Patrizia De Santo



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