Our method and our passion to achieve your goals

Imagination. Content. Communication

Design. Décor. Architecture

Lifestyle. Luxury. Well-being

Culture. Art. Entertainment

Sustainability. Environment. Social Issues

“To communicate with method and passion”
Our ideas are the starting point to create contents: all information are turned into news and stories to make our clients well-known and to boost their reputation

Patrizia De Santo PR, a strategic communication agency in Milan

We are a communication and a public relations agency based in Milan operating in Italy and abroad. We work with method and passion in several sectors such as design and décor, architecture, sustainability, real estate, lifestyle, luxury, well-being, food, art, leisure, entertainment. We are also committed to the development of special projects in the cultural and non-profit field.

We help brands to become well-known and to boost their reputation

Our main feature is to provide combined and specialized services in different areas of communication: public relations, press office in Italy and abroad, digital pr and social media, events, creativity and branded contents.

After working for more than a decade in several agencies based in Milan, Patrizia De Santo founded Patrizia De Santo PR, an agile and creative communication agency which is supported by the collaboration of a team of highly-qualified and international professionals.

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