Press Office

The press office: a national and an international service

The press office is always our starting point: it is our core business

We provide press office service both at a national and at an international level aiming at creating a virtuous cycle of collaboration with on and offline media: print media journalists (a perhaps outdated expression), bloggers, online magazines, opinion leaders, media companies and publishing houses.

In a fast changing reality, where under some circumstances all communication intermediaries are often banned, we back our clients in the writing of a news item, in the making of a story, in selecting all worthwhile opportunities and in guaranteeing the best exposure on specialized media.

We nail down a media relations and a digital PR strategy, we develop the text and the visual contents (including the music!), we create interviews and in-depth analyses, we make a selection. The release with the press launch is a mere step within the entire process of communication.

Choose a media relations service by Patrizia De Santo PR:

  • press office in Italy (local and national)
  • international press office (by Country or by Market Areas)
  • press office for a product, a project, corporate, an event
  • press office on/offline (print, web, radio, tv)
  • press office design & décor
  • press office architecture, construction & real estate
  • press office food & beverage
  • press office hospitality, travel & wellbeing
  • press office for style & lifestyle
  • press office for arts & culture 
  • non-profit press office
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