The success of an event originates during the process of analysis

We organise events when it is necessary and when it generates value

The event is part of the press office strategy when there is a news item to share, a story to tell or it is part of a marketing plan to reach a final audience. We create press events (press tours, press conferences, press days), consumer events, trade and corporate events (at the fairs, corporate dinners, contests, exhibitions), digital events.

We create informative events which are unforgettable and experiential: we start from the brand, we develop the concept, we create contents, we build the experience and we manage every step of the organization process, we publicize the event and we back the client in the long post event process aiming at valorizing the investment.

 Plan an event with Patrizia De Santo PR:

  • media event (press tours, press conferences, press days)
  • consumer event (contests, parties, launches of new products)
  • corporate and trade event (gala dinners, lunches, openings, conventions, b2b meetings)
  • digital event (digital meetups and virtual encounters)
  • cultural event (exhibitions, festivals)
  • event in Italian and international fairs
  • event set up, flower setting
  • food design, catering, kitchen service, bar & beverage
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